InlinePRO F-series S2000 T4 tubular manifold

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This turbo manifold for your S2000 is manufactured using schedule 40 stainless steel.  It also features a cast stainless steel elbow with a true merge collector, and a cast stainless steel exhaust manifold flange.  The manifold was designed to run a GT40 turbo without major modifications to the engine bay area.  A few modifcations are required to run any turbo larger. The manifold is available with a Tial MVR wastegate or you may get the manifold without the wastegate, and fabricate your own provisions for a specific wastegate.

      * Retaining air condition is possible with certain setups.
    ** Any type of heat reduction wrap is highly recomended.
  *** This manifold does increase engine bay temperature.
**** There is a limited lifetime warranty on this manifold for defects/cracks.