InlinePRO S2000 F2Z33/34 CD009 Trans Conversion Kit

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InlinePRO S2000 F2Z33/34 CD009 6 Speed Transmission Conversion Kit

This kit is used in the Honda S2000 to convert the transmission to a Nissan 350Z*/370Z Z33/34 CD009 6 speed manual transmission (*If using the 350Z transmission, it must be the model with the internal hydraulic clutch release cylinder).


-F2Z33/34 adapter plate

-Pilot bushing

-Custom twin disc clutch kit (triple disc option available)

-Hydraulic clutch release bearing kit 

-Transmission bracket

-Poly mount

-Shifter relocation kit


 *The Nissan 350/370Z 6 speed manual transmission will handle up to 1000hp!!