InlinePRO Stage 2 S2000 RACE Turbo Kit

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The InlinePRO stage 2 turbo kit is designed for top end horsepower.  The manifold is designed to fit a turbo as big as a GT40 ( however, with modifications you can fit a GT42R ).  With 3" mandrel bent polished aluminum charge pipes, and a 3" downpipe, this kit is designed for max horsepower.  We have seen up to 700+rwhp on aBorg warner s366 with this setup on race gas, and over 500rwhp on pump gas.

The turbo manifold consist of schedule 10 stainless steel, along with a cast stainless steel elbow for durability.  Along with the manifold is a true merge collector to increase exhaust flow.


Stage 2 street kit:
InlinePRO T4 turbo manifold
 Precision Journal bearing (Turbo size will vary)
InlinePRO Blowoff Valve
InlinePRO 2.5"- 3" charge pipes
InlinePRO 3" downpipe
InlinePRO Couplers and clamps
InlinePRO 1000 hp intercooler
Precision turbo wastegate
InlinePRO Oil Feed kit
InlinePRO Oil Return kit