InlinePRO Stage 2 Street Turbo Kit

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The Inline Pro Stage 2 turbo kit for the S2000 is designed for MAX horsepower.  The manifold is designed to fit a T4 turbine housing, but can be ordered with a T3 or V-band flange as well.  Comes with 2.5" & 3" aluminum charge pipes and a 3" downpipe. 

The turbo manifold consist of schedule 40 stainless steel, along with a cast stainless steel elbow for durability and precise boost control.  Along with the manifold is a true merge collector to increase exhaust flow and power.  

Inline Pro Stage-2 S2000 Street Kit:

Inline Pro schedule 40 front mount T4 turbo manifold 

Precision or Garrett standard bearing turbo (ball-bearing is optional)

Inline Pro BOV

Inline Pro 2.5 and 3 inch aluminum charge pipe kit

Inline Pro 3 inch stainless downpipe

Inline Pro wastegate dumptube

Precision turbo front mount intercooler

Precision turbo 46mm wastegate

Inline Pro turbo oil feed kit

Inline Pro turbo oil return kit