InlinePRO Stainless steel B-series T4

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InlinePRO is the only company to manufacture a true cast stainless steel manifold.  Using stainless steel allows for longevity and larger runners because of the strength of stainless steel.  Although some may call this manifold a "log"manifold, it is NOT a true log design.  Each runner has a specific design to centralize the wastegate position to maximize flow and allow a steady boost curve.  With a wastegate position and runner design,boost creep is kept to a minimum as well.

This manifold can accept a turbo as big as a GT42R/S375.  With the proper tune and engine setup, a GT42R can create over 850whp with this manifold design.  Mat Keller was able to run an et in the 9.30's in 2007.

*This product carries a lifetime warranty against defects and cracks for original purchacer