Samsonas H-pattern RWD Dog Box ( Honda S2000)

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Universal RWD H Pattern Dog Box

4,5,6 Speeds (Plus reverse) RWD H pattern Gearboxes:

Solid Aluminium Casing

Has a transfer or reduction gear

Torque rationg up to 1400 Nm, Depending on options:

Special steel x300 clutch shaft;

Big range of different clutch shafts and bellhouses like Nissan,Toyota,BMW,Ford,Mazda,Opel,Volvo,Honda,Subaru and etc:


Utilising same strenght ingredients as the rwd sequential , This is a lower cost transmission without sequential shifting,but with the well known and tested H pattern shifting. Bellhousing and clutchshafts are easily interchangeable between the sequential and H pattern, allowing you to upgrade at any time.